“Through photography I learned to observe life”

Armin Grässl

  Lieber Armin jeder Schweizer-in sollte dein Buch „Der See“ haben. Es zeigt die Schweiz in einem schönen Licht. Klein im Format, gross in Gedanken. SCAPA

Ted Scapa

I was always aware of Armin’s talent as a photographer of Landscape and Nature. It was wonderful to find that these talents are equally matched by his unique portraiture and a very creative approach to special events and promotional material. Thank you Armin.

Jeff Turner Country Singer

Fantastisches Buch – so gut – dass es gar den Weg in mehre Vitrinen unserer 101 Zimmergeschichten gefunden hat. Somit ist das Buch der See von Armin Grässl ein Teil unseres Konzeptes.

Clemens Hunziker GM / Direktor Hotel Schweizerhof / Luzern

Armin `s book of Gstaad is truly beautiful. Obviously he loves the place. So do I.

Roman Polanski Film director, producer, writer, actor

I knew Gstaad in 1949 as I was a Rosey student, and fell in love with its charm. Now I still find it just as charming, which Armin has succeeded in illustrating in this magnificent book of photos.

S.A.R. Victor Emmanuel de Savoie Prince de Naples

To Armin Grässl about his Gstaad book. Loving this place as I do, I am glad that someone has preserved its beauty in photographs. This is a lovely book.

Julie Andrews Actress, singer, author, dancer