I met Armin Grässl at one of his great Photo Exhibitions in November 2014. I think we became friends straight away and I enjoyed his company and hearing him tell me of his interesting background…

When he was part of the Palace Hotel in Gstaad and got to know a number of the then crowd of celebreties on a personal basis and then on to New York where he briefly was part of Andy Warhols famous studio “the Factory”

Armin is besides being a top photographer a fun guy to hang out with… he knows or has met the most interesting people in the world as a photographer and have visited most places.

His new idea of being a Photobutler is an excellent idea as his next step in his long career.

I know Armin will be a knowledgeable, discreet and professional tour guide as he captures and immortalises life’s best moments of whom ever wishes to use his services as their own “Private Photobutler” at events or when travelling.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Armin to be your own “Private Photobutler” … to capture and immortalise life’s most precious moments.

Bennt Bengtsson Artist